Box Inc.
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Box Inc.

The New Generation of Packaging

Published by Basheer Graphic Books
400 pages, 7 1/2" X 9 3/4"
ISBN: 978-9-81112-425-9


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In a time when every company and individual is attempting to “think outside of the box,” how do designers work to re-create the box itself? Box Inc showcases a selection of projects that understand that consumers are no longer just buying what’s inside the box, but want to be drawn in by ingenious packaging that is just as special as the product itself. The projects featured utilize interactive designs, speciality printing techniques, themed packaging materials and other innovative solutions to appeal to audiences for products as wide-ranging as baked goods, speciality herbs, camping kits, books, shoes, wine, and even live flowers. Don’t just think outside of the box — re-think it!