Awful Homesick
Upper Playground

Awful Homesick

The Art of Alex Pardee
Alex Pardee

Published by Gingko Press
96 pages, Hardcover
6'' x 8 1/2'' (152 x 216 mm)
100 color illustrations, English
ISBN: 978-1-58423-499-9


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Northern California based artist Alex Pardee has been creating fantastical garish and tortured creatures in both the fine and commercial art capacities for over a decade.

He has gained notoriety working with Warner Bros., Reprise Records, Upper Playground, Hurley International, RIDE snowboards, Definitive Jux records, and for creating artwork for bands such as The Used and Primus. Pardee also collaborated with director Adam Green on the feature film Digging Up the Marrow in 2014.

This revised edition of Pardee’s first book features a completely new cover, contains illustrations, photos, and artwork, and chronicles collaborations Pardee has had with Craola, Sam Keith, and Dr X. The first page of the collection looks like yellow line paper, keeping with Pardee’s theme of creating his perfect notebook. Awful Homesick also features a foreword by Jeben Berg.