Art in Book Form

Art in Book Form

Published by Sendpoints
ISBN: 9781584237020


With the rise of the e-book, new conversations have arisen about what role the physical book has in modern society. Rather than making an argument for or against e-books, Art in Book Form is itself an impassioned argument for the power that well made physical books continue to represent. Beginning with a detailed history of written media, from five-thousand-year-old clay tablets up to twenty-first century printing techniques, Art in Book Form showcases bookbinding and design at its most beautiful and innovative. Photography, concept sketches, and exploded view diagrams of contemporary book designs offer a view into every aspect of a book’s engineering, and convey the surprising variety of methods available for the seemingly simple task of compiling pages. Bibliophiles of all stripes will cherish this thorough exploration of the past, present, and future of books.