Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom

Design with Animal Aesthetics

Published by Sendpoints
256 pages, Paperback
8 1/2" x 11"
500 Illustrations, English
ISBN: 9789881383457


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Some of the earliest examples of figurative art in existence are representations of animals. Whether wild predator or prey, or domesticated for food or companionship, animals have played an important role throughout human history. It is no surprise, then, that their very forms can be imbued with so much meaning. Animal Kingdom, the first volume in the new series Untamed Graphics, explores the wide variety of graphic depictions of animals in contemporary design. From branding and packaging, to product design and installation art, the examples showcase the diversity as well as universality of their appeal. Some are gestural or abstract designs that merely hint at their iconic features, while others are highly stylized, reflecting the voice of the artist, or the needs of the market or client. From animalistic typography to boutique window displays, insect identification apps to larger than life sculptures of stalking tigers, the range of scale is staggering, with as many variations as there are species on earth.