Gwar Regency Ballroom October 25 D Lopes

A few Gingko employees braved the GWAR show in San Francisco on 10/25, coming away covered in spew with their worst fears and highest hopes about the Scumdogs of the Universe confirmed. Check out some photos from the show (some of which are NSFW) at the end of this post.

Less visceral but no less exciting, Let There Be GWAR was an A.V. Club Staff pick last week, with staffer Josh Modell calling it “perhaps the bloodiest coffee table book in history, filled with hundreds of color photos and colorful stories about the pride and shame of Richmond, Virginia.” Read the full piece here, and take a few minutes to watch a great video of GWAR covering Billy Ocean’s “Get Out of My Dreams, Get Into My Car” in 2014 for A.V. Undercover. Let There Be GWAR will be available from Gingko Press again in early December, just in time to shock your family and friends for the holidays.




GWAR Regency Ballroom Oct 25 2015-1


GWAR Regency Ballroom Oct 25 2015-6

GWAR Regency Ballroom Oct 25 2015-3


GWAR Regency Ballroom Oct 25 2015-4