January 2, 2020 Update

Effective January 2, 2020, all sales representation to the Trade will be taken back in-house by the Gingko sales team.

January 2, 2019 Update

Effective January 2, 2019, Ingram Publisher Services (IPS) will represent Gingko Press sales to the Trade. Gingko Press will retain sales to Gift accounts.

May 12, 2018

Effective June 2, 2018, Gingko Press will begin US and Canadian distribution through Ingram Publisher Services (IPS). In addition, IPS will service international accounts on behalf of Gingko Press on a Direct Fulfillment basis. IPS is a full-service distributor for many major publishers and offers easy ordering options, fast delivery, and excellent service — all at publisher-direct discount prices. The information in this memo will help you to smoothly make the transition.


You may already conduct business with IPS or its sister company, Ingram Book Company. If so, you should already have an account established, and no further action is required for account set-up.

If not, an account with IPS should be requested. Please visit https://getstarted.ingramcontent.com/and to begin the application process. Please ensure that when you reach the Retail Store questions, you answer “Yes” to “Are you interested in direct pricing from exclusive Ingram-distributed publishers?” After completion of the online questionnaire, you will be emailed a welcome packet with a few forms to complete the process. Feel free to contact the IPS Customer Service Department at the number below if you need assistance.


Orders may be placed directly through Gingko Press via fax or email: 510-898-1196 or orders@gingkopress.com or may be placed through IPS utilizing one of many simple options. Active customers may already be accustomed to ordering via EDI, iPage, fax, or phone. iPage is Ingram’s business-to-business website. To sign up for iPage, you may visit http://ipage.ingramcontent.com and click on the registration tab to begin the subscription process. When using iPage, you can place orders for Gingko Press products by signing on to iPage, clicking on the IPS tab at the top, and using the IPS cart. You must place all Gingko Press items in the IPS cart for publisher-direct pricing. If you will be placing your orders electronically, you will need to use the IPS SAN Number 6318630 to ensure you get your full Gingko Press direct discount. Orders must be placed through IPS to receive publisher-direct discounts.

Gingko Press purchase orders will be eligible to be placed direct through IPS as of Monday, June 4, 2018. If you currently have backorders pending with Gingko Press, we will be transferring these with your permission over the next few weeks. To accept, please respond with your IPS account number so we can begin the process. To: orders@gingkopress.com


Purchases made through IPS will generate an IPS invoice. Account statements may come from Ingram Book Company if you purchase from several Ingram companies.


Gingko Press has a dedicated phone line at IPS for questions, order placement, order tracking and additional inquiries. 

Gingko Press
Phone: 888-790-0443
Email: ips@ingramcontent.com

IPS will represent Gingko Press to the Trade. Gingko Press will continue to represent itself to Gift accounts.

Sales Contact:
(510) 898-1195

Discount/Payment Terms:
Your standard Gingko Press discount terms will remain unchanged.
Standard IPS payment terms apply.
The IPS discount code associated to this publisher is GNKGS259.

Telephone: 866-400-5351
Email: ips@ingramcontent.com
Dial-up number for Flashback format: 800-669-4149
FTP Server in Flashback format: ftp.ingrampublisherservices.com
HTTP, AS2, or HTTP format: b2bigus.ingrambpublisherservices
EO Password for Flashback format: IPS
SAN for Pubnet Orders: 6318630
Internet Orders: ipage.ingramcontent.com 

Gingko Press titles will be fully returnable for 180 days after out-of-print notification. Gingko Press returns may be combined with Ingram Book Company/Spring Arbor returns and should be shipped to:

United States
Ingram Publisher Services
1210 Ingram Drive
Chambersburg, PA 17202

Gingko Press Books will be sold into Canada solely on a non-returnable basis.

International Direct Fulfillment accounts
Gingko Press Books sold internationally through IPS Direct Fulfillment will be sold solely on a non-returnable basis.

Title Data:
For your convenience, Ingram Publisher Services provides access to two types of data files for product information: ONIX® and Stock Availability. All inquiries or requests to obtain Ingram Publisher Services (IPS) ONIX data feeds should be emailed to: IPS-PartnerSupport@ingramcontent.com. For more information regarding the stock availability file or to subscribe, please send your request to: ips_stock@ingramcontent.com