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Sandu Cultural Media:
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X-House shows architecture in its most personal form — the home. These houses reach beyond the narrow purpose of shelter to achieve the status of works of art. In a world in which communities are populated by cookie-cutter model houses, these homes go against current trends and strive to be exceptional, extreme, and extraordinary.
X-House(1) X-House(2)
X-House(3) X-House(4)
A radically angled house appears almost two-dimensional, while another's primary color palette recalls the Lego dreamhouses of childhood, finally realized. Among a sea of traditional homes, a deconstructed pyramidal home rises up like a monument to modernity and individuality.

The book includes examples from urban, suburban, and rural environments, proving that unconventional architecture can exist wherever inspiration thrives. Includes exterior and interior photographs and floor plans, and designs from Tomasz Glowacki (Poland), Marcio Kogan (Brazil), Suppose Design Office (Japan), and TAKA (Ireland).

272 pages, Hardcover, 9'' x 11 1/2'' (230 x 290 mm)
750 color illustrations, English
ISBN: 978-1-58423-388-6  $ 49.95
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