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Narelle Yabuka:
Within our planet’s current environmental crisis, creative re-use of previously wasteful materials is one of the most inspired design genres today.
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Up-Cycle! features more than 100 “up-cycled” solutions to design scenarios of every type which completely reinvent a wide array of materials and re-channel their basic qualities into inspired new projects — from furniture to outdoor installations to clothing.
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Up-Cycle! (1) Up-Cycle! (2)
Up-Cycle! (3) Up-Cycle! (4)
Up-Cycle! (6) Up-Cycle! (7)
Up-Cycle! (5) Up-Cycle! (8)
Projects featured include Australian design studio Lightly’s interception of used car tires that turns the tires into lounge chair furniture by crocheting around them in unique and colorful nylon patterns; a reinvention of discarded glass vases, jugs, bowls, and mugs into sculptural chandeliers by Utrecht-based designers Atelier Remy and Veenhuizen; Israeli-based Reddish Studio’s reinvention of discarded chair, stool, and table legs into the base of new desk lamps, and Miami artist Agustina Woodgate’s “animal skin rugs” — which focus on abstracted colors and patterns hand-sewn out of disassembled, pre-loved stuffed animal toys.

Up-Cycle! is both a celebration of the creative spirit and an inspiration book for any DIY inventor possessing the ambition to repurpose unused sources into new and unexpected pieces of art.

288 pages, Paperback, 7 1/4'' x 8'' (184 x 203 mm)
300 color illustrations, English
ISBN: 978-1-58423-468-5  $ 29.95
Contributors from A–Z:
13 Ricrea
5.5 designers
Adi Zaffran Weisler
Agustina Woodgate
Amy Hunting
Antonello Fusè for Resign
Atelier Remy & Veenhuizen
Atelier Remy & Veenhuizen
      in collaboration with
      Tanja Smeets
Béatrix Li-Chin Loos
      for Galerie Gosserez
Camilla Hounsell Halvorsen
Contexture Design
Cordula Kehrer
Cristina Covello
Dany Gilles
Draigo Design
Edwards Moore
Estúdio Campana
      for Plusdesign
Ezri Tarazi
Fabien Dumas
Filipa Ricardo
Frank Willems
Giovanni Delvecchio and
      Andrea Magnani
      for Resign
Gitta Gschwendtner
Heath Nash
Hendzel and Hunt
Henry Wilson
Jahara Studio
Jakub Berdych
Jamison Sellers
Karen Ryan
Karton Art Design
Kieran Ball
Laurent Corio
Lenka Křemenová,
      David Mastálka,
      Marta Mastálková,
      and Petra Kasová
Liza Fredrika Åslund for
      What's More Alive
      Than You
Luís Teixeira,
      1961 ecodesign
Lula Dot
Maria Cristina Belluci
Maria Westerberg
Melissa Cameron
Mônica Rodrigues
      Vértices Casa
Nicolas Le Moigne
      for Eternit
Nikolay Sardamov
Nine Stories
      Furniture Company
Pater Marigold
Paul Evermann
Petter Thörne and Anders
      Johnsson for Muuto
Phase Design
Phil Cuttance
Podlaski Design
Reddish Studio
Rock Wang for Yii
Sergio Mendoza Studio
Simon Ancher
Sonia Verguet
Stanley Ruiz
Stephen Bretland
Stuart Haygarth
Studio Maarten Baas
Studio Pepe Heykoop
Studio Ward van Gemert
Tom Thiel
Tonya O'Hara
Trent Jansen Studio
Ubico Studio
Uncle Oswald Is My Hero
Wendy Plomp
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