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Modart No. 01
Harlan Levey:
Modart No. 01
Forget Art: In Order to Feel It
The Best of Modart Magazine
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Forget Art: In Order to Feel it — The Best of Modart Magazine is a must have for those trying to come to grips with the street art phenomenon and the artists and players, who shaped it and eventually outgrew the term as it began to stick.
Modart No. 01(1) Modart No. 01(2)
Modart No. 01(3) Modart No. 01(4)
Modart No. 01(5) Modart No. 01(10)
Modart No. 01(6) Modart No. 01(8)
Modart No. 01(7) Modart No. 01(9)
In these 256 pages, Modart editors showcase some of the most compelling aesthetics, actions and events from the first decade of the new millennium, featuring now iconic images, passionate writing and a veritable fount of great new art from around the world.

Published between 2003 and 2009, Modart magazine provided an inside look at art, artists, ideas and attitudes coming out of action sports and urban activist communities around the world. From the beginning the magazine focused on action, movement and the relevance of art and imagination during a period where no authority seemed there to distill what was happening.

256 pages, Hardcover, 11'' x 10 3/4'' (280 x 270 mm)
300 color illustrations, English
ISBN: 978-1-58423-374-9  $ 29.95
Modart Magazine
Website: web.modarteurope.com
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Modart No. 02: Highbrow. Lowbrow. Nobrow
Modart No. 02
Highbrow. Lowbrow. Nobrow
In this volume, Modart coins a new term “Moussism” to describe a post-every­thing era in the arts. Moussism is a non-­traditional com­munity based move­ment, not limited to a period, place or classical notion of aesthetics, discipline, medium, ideology or style. more...

How to Disappear – Moki
How to Disappear – Moki
Moki’s photorealistic paintings find inspiration in comic book themes and natural and human mysteries. Her images are unsettling and charming, strange yet familiar. more...

Anthony Lister Tales of White Trash Prophecy
Anthony Lister:
Tales of White Trash Prophecy
Featured are fine art and photos from the past few years of Anthony Lister’s career from live installations to Spider­man paintings, to international shows to family life, Lister’s new collection chronicles it all. more...

Shaft - Doze Green & David Ellis
Shaft – Doze Green & David Ellis
Shaft is a site specific pro­ject fusing the trademark styles of these two undeni­ably influential New York artists as they cover a 25 foot ele­vator shaft from top to bottom cre­at­ing an epic vertical mural. more...
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