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Wallpaper Patterns (book)
Liaoning Science and Technology:
Wallpaper Patterns
(includes a CD-ROM with royalty-free patterns)
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This gem of a book examines the recent and growing trend to re-imagine wallpaper — from its design and materials, to its applications. Traditionally grounded in old world charm, the wallpaper of today has become infused by modern sensibilities and contemporary art. With such varied sources of inspiration as street art, pop and urban culture, and the natural world, the boundaries of this art form are being stretched to encopass a wide range of possibilities.
Wallpaper Patterns(1) Wallpaper Patterns(6)
Wallpaper Patterns(5) Wallpaper Patterns(4)
Wallpaper Patterns(2) Wallpaper Patterns(3)
Whether character driven, or traditional geometric patterns, details throughout the book illuminate the artistry of the designs and allow for a better understanding of the overall concept and design.

Furthermore, with the inclusion of pattern designs against an array of indoor materials, this historic craft is stretched and expanded towards a contemporary refinement.

304 pages, Paperback includes
a CD-ROM with royalty-free patterns

7 1/4'' x 7 1/4'' (184 x 184 mm)
color illustrations throughout

ISBN: 978-1-58423-340-4  $ 29.95    
Wallpaper Patterns (blanc CD)
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