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Uncanny - The Art & Design of Shawn Wolfe
Shawn Wolfe:
The Art & Design of Shawn Wolfe
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An ‘uncanny’ collection of Shawn Wolfe’s most provo-cative work. In 1984, having spent seven years in and around advertising, Wolfe established Beatkit™, the world’s first ever anti-brand. It was a brand without a product and was intended to be a shining example of what was sick and wrong in a culture gone mad with consumerism.
Uncanny - The Art & Design of Shawn Wolfe(1) Uncanny - The Art & Design of Shawn Wolfe(2)
Uncanny - The Art & Design of Shawn Wolfe(3)
Uncanny - The Art & Design of Shawn Wolfe(4) Uncanny - The Art & Design of Shawn Wolfe(5)
From 1984 to 2000 Beatkit™ sought to expose the dark nature of consumerism, consumption and disposal, all of which escalate the fundamental crises of contemporary life: using up of natural resources, ecological ruin, cynicism, and alienation.

With text by David Carson, Rudy Vanderlans & Eric Fredericksen.

176 pages, Paperback, 7'' x 10'' (180 x 255 mm)
290 color illustrations, English
ISBN-13: 978-1-58423-091-5  
ISBN-10: 1-58423-091-6       $ 29.95
About the Artist:
Shawn Wolfe
Shawn Wolfe
Shaw Wolfe is best known as the man behind Beatkit™. The so-called "brand without a product" has served as inspiration for the improbable RemoverInstaller™ as well as the artist’s globel "Panic Now" campaign, paintings, t-shirts, comics, sculpture and performance. A practicing designer and illustrator for over fifteen years, Wolfe makes his home in Seattle, Washington.

Wolfe was deconstructing and re­con­struct­ing consumerism and brand fetichism since before he knew that’s what he was doing. From days spent working in retail and crancing out handmade fanzines to a tour of duty in the trenches of the apparel industry to his current position as self-styled ambassador of consumer hoodoo, Wolfe wrestles unmanageable themes ranging from commodification to the soul planned obsolescence. His works are at turns ponderous, playful, and pointless.

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