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Dark Inspiration
Dark Inspiration
Grotesque Illustrations, Art and Design
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The depiction of rage, suffering, gloom, depravity, and the supernatural in illustration and design is often seen as unsettling and offensive, but often these disturbing images elaborate the wildest dreams and subconscious desires of humans in richer form than any text analysis.
Dark Inspiration (1) Dark Inspiration (2)
Dark Inspiration (3) Dark Inspiration (4)
Not necessarily conflicting with the belief in a heavenly world, Dark Inspiration invites viewers to redefine the horizons for beauty and morality and savor the exquisite genre with a dramatic and bold compilation of artwork that touches the taboo areas of sex, death, destruction, perversion, and crime. This title features everything from macabre 3-D wall reliefs and hand-drawn illustrations.

Contributors include Kate MacDowell, Audrey Kawasaki, Zhou Fan, Fuco Ueda, Jesse Auersalo, Elizabeth McGrath, John Ryan Solis, and Richard Colman.

272 pages, Paperback, 6 3/4'' x 8 3/4'' (171 x 222 mm)
450 color illustrations, English
ISBN: 978-988-19438-1-1 $ 29.95
Contributors from A–Z:
Akino Kondoh
Audrey Kawasaki
Bruno 9li
Chiara Attorre
Dan Hillier
David Ho
Elizabeth McGrath
Erik Mark Sandberg
Francois Robert
Fuco Ueda
Gary Fernández
Graphic Airlines
Heiko Müller
Hidden Moves
James Jean
Jasper Goodall
Jeff McMillan
Jesse Auersalo
John Ryan Solis
Jon Beinart
Jules Julien
Justin Nelson
Kate MacDowell
Kazuki Takamatsu
Kris Kuksi
Lala Gallardo
Mamzelle Mamath
Mia Mäkilä
Oleg Dou
Olga Feldman
Revenge is Sweet
Richard Colman
Ryan Oliver
Tara McPherson
Tim Lee
Yosuke Ueno
Yuka Yamaguchi
Yury Ustsinau
Zhou Fan
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